REBEARTH™ is a beacon guiding humanity towards a unifying vision of the future and the means to get there

The problem

It’s simple: Doing the same thing over and over again will never produce different results.
• Bouncing through time with no idea of where we are headed has resulted in the world we see around us.
• Reacting to the symptoms of a flawed paradigm by applying band-aid solutions never cures the root problem(s).
• Endless debating and finger-pointing just wastes time, resources, and diverts focus away from the underlying problem(s) and available solutions.
• Trying to convince people to “be less bad”, “sacrifice”, and “care about the planet and each other” is not a recipe for success. It goes against history and human nature. Although we can’t change human nature, we can learn from history and benefit from its diversity.
Reactive, divisive, disconnected issue-by-issue approaches do not work—we need a better plan.

The solution

Humanity needs a unifying, inspiring vision of the future. Equality importantly, we require a new paradigm, or collective mindset, that will enable us to build towards this future.
As Buckminster Fuller once said: “The best way to predict the future is to design it.” And in order to design it, we have to have a general idea of what a world 6.8 billion people would want to live in could look like.

REBEARTH promotes a future people wish to see, and the means to get there.  (Trying to prevent the future we fear is a recipe for failure.)
Through its various projects, REBEARTH is a catalyst for this transformation. REBEARTH will excite, inspire, and enable people all over the world to take part in, and benefit from, growing a world 6.8 billion people would want to live in.

• Mission focused
• Holistic
• Learns from history
• Grounded in nature, and
• Channels human nature

Our mission

To grow a world that 6.8 billion people would want to live in, a world where:
• Business increases employee morale, environmental regeneration and profitability.
• Children’s toys are fun, engaging, profitable and release nutrients when inevitably chewed.
• Desirable transportation is silent, clean and profitable.
• The human footprint is a positive, prosperous, and regenerative force.
Or, as renowned visionary William McDonough would put it, to grow a:
A renewably powered world, full of safe and healthy things:
economically, ecologically, equitably, and elegantly enjoyed.
(Yes, we know what this sounds like. And yet, our utopianism is well grounded. It is grounded by the immutable lessons of history, the laws of nature, and even human nature itself.)