A world that 6.8+ billion would want to live in

A world that 6.8+ billion would want to live in.

This is a bold statement.

People roll there eyes when they hear it…

People get dismissive when they hear it…

People start ‘Yeah/But’ing  when they hear it…

And yet, we have stumbled across a phrase that describes, in 16  simple words, exactly such a world:

A renewably powered world, full of safe and healthy things:

economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed.[1]

Simple, but not simplistic. These 16 words depict a world that nearly every living thing on this planet would prefer over the world we currently live in.

Is it catchy? Not really.

Is it a mouthful? Yes.

Are there a lot of “E’s”? Again, yes.

Is this vision for the future simple? Yes…But elegantly so. Can you imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to live in such a world?

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[1] This vision of the future was penned by renowned designers William McDonough and Michael Braungart

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