REBEARTH Communications

Changing course

Our world is messed up and we caused it. The same short-sighted, reactionary, and reductionist thinking that caused the problem will never solve it. REBEARTH Communications’ holistic approach will harmonize rather than polarize, enlighten rather than frighten, and point the way instead of pointing the finger.

What is REBEARTH Communications?

REBEARTH Communications is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to: promoting a visionary end-goal for humanity; persuading people that we can get there by “mimicking nature”; and showcasing tangible proof that this is both possible and desirable. Using the tools, techniques and savvy of corporate-style integrated communications—including advertising, PR, publicity, and celebrity endorsements—REBEARTH will evolve our individual and collective consciousness. Humans have achieved many great feats. REBEARTH will guide our species to recreate our world.

REBEARTH Communications’ message…

A renewably powered world full of safe and healthy things: economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed is achievable. We can build such a world by applying nature’s blueprints and laws to all human endeavour.[1] Sounds far-fetched? It’s already happening.


A growing number of visionaries are doing more than just imagining such a world. They have begun designing it and building it, yielding astonishing results:

  • Ford used an oxygen-generating, habitat-restoring, 10-acre living roof to transform the regulatory nightmare of river pollution into a savings of  $30 million.
  • Oberlin College’s toxin-free Environmental Studies building, like the tree it was modeled after, produces more energy than it uses and cleans its own waste water.
  • The University of Guelph’s four-story living air-filter is so effective at remedying Sick Building Syndrome that attendance rose 10% for classes in that building.
  • Cars in Europe are returned to their manufacturer and completely disassembled in 4 hours. A minimum of 90% of the material can be reused without loss of quality.
  • Nike is working on a compostable shoe.

These dream-like results were achieved by mimicking nature’s designs and applying her laws. Compellingly, such initiatives galvanize diverse economic, social and ecological interest groups. What if more people knew…

Spreading the word to change the world

People who know about such successes and possibilities will begin imagining and creating new ones. Using the uniquely effective tools of integrated communications, REBEARTH Communications will raise awareness of—and create desire for—the multiple benefits achievable when we mimic nature. When people want something, and believe it to be possible, the individual and collective ingenuity of humanity usually brings it about. Humans have amazing abilities. We have the power, intellect, and creativity to recreate our world. REBEARTH Communications will inspire all facets of human nature to design and build “a renewably powered world full of safe and healthy things: economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed”.

(If you’d like to be involved, or have any questions, please leave a comment below. Or, feel free to email us.)

[1] William McDonough and Michael Braungart