MISSION: To mass-collaboratively design, fund, and build a house that:

  • is ecologically regenerative
  • is healthy—air, lighting, etc.
  • produces food
  • produces more energy than it uses
  • is a 10+ in comfort / convenience / aesthetic
  • is 100% non toxic–if it fell down, it would introduce zero toxins to the natural environement
  • is a source of passive income
  • has a positive human footprint–ie: it cleans air, water, increases biodiversity, regulates climate, restores habitat, etc.
  • is a mix of high-tech (advanced science) and low tech (“duh”!) solutions.
  • able to be easily deconstructed
  • cradle 2 cradle (biological and technical nutrients)
  • is replicable

Why a house?

Housing touches almost every aspect of civilization: Family, community, shelter, food, energy, finances, transportation, waste management, sewage, air quality, materials, etc. A holistic house can provide a glimpse of what our future could look like in all these areas.

If one house can be designed to mimic a tree, then our cities can be designed to mimic forests!

(If you’d like to be involved, or have any questions, please leave a comment below. Or, feel free to email us.)