REBEARTH Incubator

The REBEARTH Incubator is a connector.

A hub.

A launch vehicle.

A meeting place of vision, talent, capital, innovation and leadership—all committed to executing diverse projects that take us closer to a world we’d all want to live in; projects executed in line with REBEARTH’s core values, and realized by applying proven strategies.

The REBEARTH Incubator’s strategic, systematic, and infinitely reproducible approach will enable the design, launch, and evolution of a portfolio of related but independent projects.

What kind of projects?

The innovative projects coming out of the REBEARTH Incubator will each take us closer to a world we’d all want to live in, rather than put band-aids on the mistakes of the past. They will be projects that excite and inspire people about what our future can be.

Such projects will span an endless array of social, economic, or ecological sectors such as:

Architecture and Urban Planning

Products and Services

Energy Production and Sewage Treatment

Transportation and Commerce

Resource Management and Agriculture

Harmonizing Diverse Cultures and Escape from Poverty

Spirituality and Religious Study

Science and Medicine

Economics and Environment

Technology and Sociology

Schools and Governments

Laws and Nations

…And anything and everything that would bring us closer to a world we’d all want to live in.

For example?

An open-sourced, mass-collaboratively designed, funded, and built house of the future—one of REBEARTH’s launch projects.

What’s next?

From vision to reality: Growing the REBEARTH Incubator…

ACREATE A WEB HUB to Connect Belief, Talent, and Resources
 Such a hub will enable vision, expertise, project ideas, capital, connections, innovation, leadership, strategies, and feedback to conceive of, design, build, and evolve projects that are in line with REBEARTH’s values and mission. The result? Mass-collaborative project conception and execution.Related Examples

  • American Express Members Project

  • Sell A Band

  • Wikipedia


BLAUNCH PROTOTYPE PROJECT(S) to Excite, Inspire and Enable People
These prototypes will be the models to be tweaked and systemized. They will: 

  • set the tone of what REBEARTH is all about
  • be publicity magnets
  • draw interest and enrolment to the REBEARTH hub
  • push the envelope of what is possible
Achieving discrete successes, while laudable, is not the recipe to grow a world that 6.6 billion people would want to live in. Doing so requires that successes be widely replicable, repeated, and evolved—and that many others be taught how each success was achieved so that they may build upon it.Once A + B + C are in place, growing a world that 6.8 billion people would want to live in is just a matter of “Rinse, Lather, Repeat as Necessary”.

What is required to make all this happen?

The short answer is people. People with belief. People with talent. People with capital. People with connections. People with a desire to grow the world envisioned in this document. Are you such a person? 

(If you’d like to be involved, or have any questions, please leave a comment below. Or, feel free to email us.)