From living rooms to board rooms, auditoriums to community centers, classrooms to grassy fields, a REBEARTH speaking tour effectively engages a wide range of audiences.

We at REBEARTH are passionate that  social, economic, and environmental objectives–far from being mutually exclusive–are intrinsically linked. Whether speaking to corporate, media/education, or philanthropic sector audiences, we challenge, motivate, and raise expectation for the future–and share audience relevant insights.

The concepts, theories, ideas, and vision promoted by REBEARTH are based on history, politics, psychology, business, ecology, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, sociology, spirituality, and current events. Anecdotes and examples are shared to inspire, challenge, and entertain audiences.

As a students of Mother Nature, human nature, and the lessons of history, REBEARTH speakers engage audiences with just enough vision to inspire even the most jaded among us, and just enough logic and reason to win over any “yeah-butters”.

To learn how REBEARTH can enhance your next event,  please email us or leave a comment below.