The world of ‘AND’

We face hard questions…

Your Health OR the Environment OR the Economy?

The Present OR the Future.

AIDS OR Food Security?

Alternative Energy OR Terrorism

Top Issue for Canadians: 1988-2006

Which is the priority? Where do we allocate our resources? What do we teach our children?

What a choice to make. Your hand or your foot?

What if alchemy wasn’t turning lead into gold, but turning OR into AND?

What if we installed oxygen-generating, habitat-restoring, living roofs to fix regulatory nightmares of river pollution AND saved $30 million in the process? (Ford Truck Plant, Dearborn, Michigan—2001)

What if buildings cleaned their own waste water using a “living-machine”, produced more renewable energy than they use, AND sell the excess back to the grid? (Oberlin College’s toxin-free Environmental Studies Building, Oberlin, Ohio 1997)

What if factories yielded healthy, happy employees, with no turnover AND made the “extra” 15% the factory cost in profit every six months? (Herman Miller’s “Greenhouse”, in Zeeland, Michigan 1995)

What if our fabrics were non-toxic and compostable, feeding natural systems at the end of their usable life, were made in factories that maintain the purity of the drinking quality water used in the production process, AND this transformed nearly a nearly bankrupt company to healthy profitability? (Rohner Textil AG, Switzerland—1995)

These examples, prove AND is more valuable than gold because it includes gold, along with everything else. Clean air, food, and clean water AND prosperity and happiness.

What if more people around the world knew such things were possible?

AND, what if we systemized the thinking and processes of these and countless other successes, branded the system, and franchised it around the world for the creation of anything—and everything?

What if we harnessed the ingenuity, talent, vision, and capital of our world’s 6.8+ billion inhabitants to grow this endeavour?

AND, what if doing so depended on harnessing—rather than changing—the diversity of human nature?

What could one call such a thing?

We call it REBEARTH™, and you are welcome to be a part of it.

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