Why “a renewably powered world full of safe and healthy things…”?

A renewably powered world, full of safe and healthy things: economically, equitably, ecologically, and elegantly enjoyed.

William McDonough, internationally renowned architect, designer, business leader and Time Magazine “Hero of the Planet”, was given a standing ovation by all departments of the United States government after he presented this “end goal” and his Cradle to Cradle design strategy to get there.[1]

The insightful simplicity of this phrase masks its profoundness. In 16 words, this is a destination, an end-goal for humanity, that has appeal to all facets of human nature. Simultaneously, it is not offensive to any demographic.

This is an end-goal that transcends the typical barriers that divide us: race, national or ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability, political affiliation, geographic location, etc. And though it may seem idealistic and dream-like, that is exactly the point.

History has shown that yesterday’s dreams are tomorrow’s reality. A simple look at what our species has accomplished thus far supports the supposition that the possible society can become reality if we design it to be so.

If there is one thing that should be universally desirable to our world’s 6.8 billion people (and counting!), it’s our conception of the future.

[1] January 21, 2004

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